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Ex-soldier sought mercenaries for Irian Jaya war, court told

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From an Australian newspaper 4 JUNE 4, 1985

SYDNEY — A former Australian Army soldier was charged yesterday with recruiting mercenaries to overthrow the Indonesian Government.

Gary Roy Scott, 39, unemployed, admitted in police interviews he prepared a feasibility study for the job, according to evidence presented in Castlereagh Street Court.

He will defend himself against three charges under the Foreign Incursions and Recruitment Act that he attempted to recruit two people between May 1 and September 25 last year for the services of the Organisation of Free Papua (OPM).

Police interview records, presented by the Crown Prosecutor, Mr Giles Tabuteau, alleged that Scott admitted making a feasibility study for training people in Papua New Guinea to fight in Irian Jaya for the independence of the Melanesian people.
Asked how much the mercenaries would be paid, Scott allegedly replied: "I wouldn't live under a tree for less than $ 1200 to $ 1500 a week."
He then allegedly told police that after the report was submitted, he was informed by telephone the rebels did not have enough money for the operation, but wanted him to go to Port Moresby to talk.
Mr Tabuteau called Defence Department and former Army Reserve witnesses who told the court Scott had tried to get clearance from the department to train the recruits.
Scott was told it would be a breach of the Foreign Incursions and Recruitment Act.
The case, before Mr Kevin Anderson, SM, continues today.

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